Stress-free Indulgences

Stress-free Indulgences

Following the events of the past few months, it is no secret that health has moved to the top of society’s priority list. As we monitor our diets, surroundings, friends and family closer than ever before it is imperative that we embrace the new normal with renewed optimism. For most of us who seek a simple yet wholly satisfying thrill, a little joyful optimism can mean curling up with our favourite dessert and a good book. But, with the current pandemic, a simple weekly indulgence could make the difference between a fully functioning immune system and one that isn’t. Which is why we’re looking at the goodness contained within our celebrated Vegan Chocolate Bars.



  • No Added Sugar. Our bars derive their inimitable sweetness from the extraction of naturally occurring sugars found within the local date fruit. Unlike refined sugars that contain processed artificial sweeteners, starches and high fructose corn syrup our bars offer naturally occurring sugars that have been proven to have a multitude of positive health benefits.


  • Our vegan bars don’t contain a single ingredient that is derived from animals, animal by-products or preservatives meaning not only are they the perfect treat for those with lactose intolerance but our unique formula has always taken your health and the wellness of our planet into consideration.


  • Palm Oil contributes greatly to the pollution and devastation of the earth’s natural environment along with possessing a slew of negative impacts on human health due to its high content of saturated fat. As believers in a better tomorrow, our ethos from Day 1 has meant making conscious decisions for the betterment of humanity as a whole, which is why none of our products contain palm oil.
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