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The Goodness Company
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Live Consciously

Curator of Products with a Soul.

We are a conscious lifestyle brand with an aim to unify mindful products with people who share a passion for sustainable living.


Satiate your sweet tooth with a delectable array of premium cacao products that also contribute to the preservation of the rainforest and its habitat as we do not use Palm Oil.

Conscious Ware

Conscious Ware

Conscious of the immense power to create change within every mindful individual, our Conscious Ware range enables you to take a stand against plastic.

Copper Collective - Alternate Option

Copper Collective

Our range of hand-beaten and pure copper products is mindfully fabricated by skilled, local artisans. Each unique piece beholds a tale of individual effort, focus, and skill.

Conscious Lifestyle Brand

For a Better Tomorrow

A Relationship With Nature

All our products are either natural, or nature-friendly. Never harming it, only enhancing it.

Finest Craftsmanship

Each unique piece beholds a tale of individual effort, focus and skill presented upon it by regional craftsmen.

Simplicity & Sustainability

All our creations go beyond satisfying a need. They’re meant to simplify your way of life, while also enhancing it.