No to Palm Oil

No to Palm Oil

It can often be confusing to pick up a new snack and have the label state a proud anti-palm oil or palm oil free message. It’s even more distressing to learn when said ingredient could prove to have significant negative health and environmental impacts. Which is why today we’re breaking down three reasons to Say No to Palm Oil.


Is the permanent removal of trees to make room for something else. In this instance, Palm Oil estates and plantations heavily contribute to deforestation and play a large role in human-induced climate change by eradicating acres of natural rainforests. Malaysia and Indonesia are currently the primary producers of palm oil with Indonesia’s oil palm plantations covering over nine million hectares of land according to


It’s Bad for You!

Palm Oil was initially introduced as a healthy alternative when snacks containing trans-fats were deemed unsafe for regular consumption by the FDA (The Food & Drug Administration of The United States) but recent studies have proven it is in fact loaded with highly saturated fats that are just as bad for your cholesterol and overall health. Try healthier options such as Olive Oil or Flaxseed Oil or even our locally made protein snacks the Superbites.


The Wildlife
As Conscious Consumers our choices matter and impact these industries. The consumption of Palm Oil-based products mean farming continues and, in the process, drives a plethora of animals to extinction ranging from orangutans; whose primary habitat is the lush trees of the rainforests. Followed by the rhinoceroses, tigers and even elephants of Sumatra whose natural habitats have also been leveled to make way for roads and the human population as an indirect result of palm oil farming, putting them at great risk of poaching.
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