Simple Switches

Simple Switches

If you’re someone who constantly wants to be eco-conscious but doesn’t know how to begin or where to start, as with most things – start. We here at TGC believe the smallest change in our habits is what ultimately leads to a significant change and this is particularly true about the impact we have on our planet. Today, we’re exploring three products that are going to help you step up from a traditional consumer to an eco-conscious warrior.


Say No to Plastic Toothbrushes

What’s easier to purchase than ordinary plastic toothbrushes and what’s just as easily discarded? That’s right; plastic toothbrushes. They are often created with large vats in factories and typically involve a large quantity of melted plastic, being moulded into the shape of individual handles and then fitted with more plastic nylon (yes, the bristles are plastic too) So, what is the negative impact on the environment?



  • Plastic brushes are often discarded into the ocean where they pollute and kill thousands of marine life species in addition to being consumed by the same fish that we then consume.


  • They aren’t biodegradable. Plastic as a material cannot be burnt for fuel meaning most plastic products end up in landfills or the ocean where they contaminate the surrounding ecosystem.


  • Plastic contains petroleum and crude oil in its production. The creation of oil wells is known to damage ecosystems and pollute the ocean. As oil itself is a non-renewable source of energy the creation of more oil wells means continued environmental damage.
Our Alternative

The Toothbrushes that we craft are made from one hundred per cent bamboo with plant-derived nylon strands inserted as the bristles. This means, that not only are you brushing your teeth with something completely natural but when it is disposed of it won’t cause any damage to marine life or the planet. Because unlike plastic wood is biodegradable; it can be broken down by natural sources such as water, fire and air.


Say No to Plastic Straws

If you’ve noticed more and more people seem to be carrying their straws and there’s a good reason for it. Plastic straws much like toothbrushes are only good for one-time usage and nowhere near cover the natural resources that are destroyed in their creation.


  • Plastic straws are non-recyclable and have a 0.01 lifespan as compared to their plastic toothbrush counterparts.


  • Unnecessary pollution. As they are typically served for one-time use plastic straws often end up in oceans and landfills.


  • Killing nature. Their most significantly negative environmental impact is witnessed in the bodies of sea life that are often killed by their consumption as more plastic washes into the world’s ocean.




Our Alternative
Our Glass and Steel Straws are crafted to combat all the negatives associated with typical straws. These straws are crafted in Germany with the highest quality food-grade steel and built to last meaning you never have to worry about pollution, marine life or environmental damage as you re-use the variety of styles in our pack of four. The same care is given to our dishwasher-friendly glass straws that serve as the perfect conversation starter.





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