Abu Dhabi's No Plastic Policy

Abu Dhabi's No Plastic Policy

In yet another remarkable show of environmental awareness, Abu Dhabi has declared that it is set to be free of single-use plastics by 2021. This powerful step towards negating the use of plastics comes with the issuing of a new policy by the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi that bans the usage of single-use plastics which in turn encourages the usage of reusable bags and repurposable alternatives.

The policy which was developed in 12 government entities in partnership with the private sector was supported by a survey of 2,700 people conducted with the Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment, which addresses local needs and challenges in line with global best practice.

The policy which aims to declare #AbuDhabi free of single-use plastics and the emirate free of single-use plastic bags by 2021, will help to reduce the UAE’s consumption of 11bn plastic bags annually, which is 1,184 bags per person that is over 3 times the global average.

As a locally-based company with a global mindset, we’re constantly striving to create products that bear in mind the health of both our consumers and the planet. 

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