5 Ways to Bring Conscious Consumerism into Your Life

5 Ways to Bring Conscious Consumerism into Your Life

A look at how your purchases can make a difference on our planet.

As consumers, our buying practices make a huge impact on the environment. Choosing to make a conscious decision when purchasing material items has a beneficial impact environmentally and socially. From labour practices, raw materials and production, to recyclable ability, the impact of a single purchase has a huge effect on our planet. The good news is that conscious consumerism is on the rise. In 2017, a study done by Unilever revealed that 33 percent of consumers globally are choosing brands that are doing social or environmental good. To better understand and simplify how you can make an impact with your purchasing habits going forward, here are five ways to bring conscious consumerism into your life.

1. Research

When making any purchase, the most important aspect to being conscious is to research the brand and product. Read their story, study the ingredients, and understand if they take part in any philanthropic activity.

2. Make small changes to your lifestyle

Small changes to your daily life can make a huge impact on the planet. It all adds up and no product or change is too small to make a difference. Choose organic, fair-trade ingredients in food items, use reusable products when possible, and buy quality home goods that last for years and don’t need to be replaced.

3. Be minimalistic where you can

The word minimalism can seem daunting when it comes to minimizing your belongings. Fortunately, you can minimize specific areas of your life, where you feel comfortable, and make a change. Start with cosmetics, home goods, or clothing, and slowly reduce what you use as time goes on. Remember, when you are done with it, recycle the item or give it to a friend, shelter, or charity for a second life.

4. Choose vegan products

Plant-based food items produce significantly less greenhouse gases than the meat and dairy industry. A study done at the University of Oxford found that removing meat and dairy products from one’s diet reduced a person’s carbon footprint by up to 73 percent, depending on their location.

Our indulgent of chocolates bars, is completely vegan & plant based.

5. Swap toiletries and cosmetics with plastic-free products

Single-use, plastic cosmetics and toiletries are one of the most common items that end up in a landfill or the ocean. The majority of packaging on cosmetic and toiletry items takes hundreds of years to breakdown. Choose reusable items, like our reusable and sustainably-made Steel Straws, Glass Straws, and eco-friendly Bamboo Toothbrushes, which are made of natural bamboo and BPA-free nylon and plant-derived ingredients.

If you have conscious buying tips, then do share them with us using #TGCConsciousTips on Instastories.

We look forward to seeing and sharing this with our community as every small change can make a huge collective difference.

Abu Dhabi's No Plastic Policy
Abu Dhabi's No Plastic Policy