Top 5 Wellness Breaks to Rejuvenate You

Top 5 Wellness Breaks to Rejuvenate You

How has the year been treating you so far? Are you a little frazzled or stressed from the day-to-day of everyday life? As we begin to plan our annual holidays, our thoughts have turned to a different type of holiday and one that is ever-growing in popularity – the wellness holiday. A time to embrace total and utter ‘me-time’. It sounds too good to be true, but we strongly believe that you deserve it! A focus on physical and mental health, and taking better care of ourselves should be a right and not a luxury. So, whether you are looking to overhaul your diet or fitness regime, or are looking for new ways to relax and be more mindful through pure, indulgent pampering in a luxurious spa setting, we take a look at some of the different wellness breaks trending in 2018. 


1. The One for Emotional BalanceKamalaya – Koh Samui, Thailand

Enjoy a 5-7 night stay on an ‘Embracing Change’ programme to enrich your emotional wellbeing and life fulfillment at the holistic Kamalaya Spa in stunning Koh Samui. Sessions take place with life enhancement mentors who teach you how to let go of the past, manage stress and deal with anxiety or grief. The focus throughout this programme is to explore emotional habits and address current life situations with effective tools to restore emotional balance. If you are looking to explore your inner life and emotional disposition this could be the break of choice for you. After being fully immersed in the programme you will also continue your growth with tools to take away with you.


2. The One for a Fitness OverhaulDeplar Farm, Troll Peninsula, Iceland

Adrenaline junkies and fit fams will love Deplar Farm, an off-the-grid converted sheep farm on a remote peninsula that offers mountain views, a wellness spa, an outdoor thermal pool and a Viking sauna. Partake in activities including sea kayaking, orienteering, dry suit snorkeling, daily restorative yoga, meditation, spa sessions and guidance on achieving your personal future goals.


3. The One for Weight LossAro Ha, Glenorchy, New Zealand

Aro Ha promises a next-level wellness experience that condenses optimal living practices into signature wellness adventures. Their physically stimulating programmes sculpt the body and mind with subalpine hiking, vinyasa yoga and dynamic movement. Lose weight and glow from within at Aro-Ha as you enjoy a rainbow of raw, vegetarian cuisine that is paleo-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free and enzymatically active. Feeding the body a diet rich in pure goodness, you will be astonished at how delicious cleansing can be.


4. The One for a Digital Detox – VanaVasa, Karnataka, India

We think a lot of us could benefit from a digital detox - who is guilty of being glued to their laptop, tablets, and phones? VanaVasa means ‘Forest stay’ and your time spent there promises to be easy, free and light in being. Offering the gift of silence and an awakening of the natural spirit, VanaVasa provides a setting steeped in nature, free from distractions, itineraries, and activities! You get to completely unplug and unwind, returning simply to the natural and the wild, the way we were designed to be.


5. The One if you are staying in the Middle East - H Retreats

If you are looking to zone out this summer, H Retreats offers a range of holistic wellness retreats in the UAE and further afield too including Tuscany. Therapy for the soul, H Retreats are a destination for physical, emotional and spiritual renewal. Located in Ras Al Khaimah, the H Retreat allows you to release, rebalance and reconnect with your true self. They have a range of global certified healers, guides, therapists and health and fitness experts that can support you with bespoke programmes made just for you and whatever your personal needs are. The H stands for holistic, health and happiness which sounds perfect to us! Switch off in style and enjoy creative and mindful programmes designed to nourish your body, mind, and heart. With wellness holidays well on the rise, take advantage of the plethora of options now available to us. As we take better care of our physical and mental health using a more holistic approach, we, in turn, don’t need to rely as much on drugs filled with chemicals and other nasties. Choosing cleaner and organic food as well as partaking in a regular exercise regime and cutting down on our digital usage are all great ways to lead a healthier and happier life – if you can do this to the max on a wellness holiday whilst having fun and being well looked after, it doesn’t get much better! Where are you vacating this year? We would love to hear your top tips and recommendations too. Have you been on a Wellness Break? Tell us more…



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