The Truth About Packaging

The Truth About Packaging

In a time when we’re more conscious than ever about the origin of our food and the ingredients within it, one must ask the inevitable question; what about the packaging? As a brand that prides itself on creating eco-conscious products free of palm oil, a minimized carbon footprint and implementing sustainable practices we have a social responsibility to talk about the way our products arrive at your door. 


Why are Superbites in plastic packages?

Our latest creation the Superbites are individually packaged in plastic sachets. Why plastic you may ask? As of 2020, the United Arab Emirates continues to innovate and pioneer in many categories with Abu Dhabi going so far as to implement a No Plastic policy that will see the country be plastic-free by 2021. However, Sustainability is still a fairly new concept in the Middle East and one that is continually evolving. Our Superbites are packaged in plastic to not only secure the Dubai Municipality approvals necessary at this time but have an optimum shelf life as well and retain their natural texture.


How are we tackling this?

We are consistently looking for alternative solutions that are eco-friendly and in line with our business ethos as we craft a future for a better tomorrow. The steps we are currently taking…



We support a small community of artisans in India that craft our Copper Collective products while producing Vegan products that emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases.



While our sachets may be plastic our Arabian Collection & Superbites packaging is meant to be repurposed.


All our products are free of Palm Oil which helps in the conservation of the Rainforest.
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