The Mindful Tasting Experience

The Mindful Tasting Experience

At The Goodness Company we are consistently looking at ways to elevate your life and uplift your soul. Today, we explore the simple steps to partake in the #TGCTastingExperience.

Breathe the Aroma
Smell the warmth of cocoa plantations and blooming orchards.
Savour the Flavour
Taste the exquisite flavours that merge as one to deliver mesmeric taste in every bite.
Hear the Snap
Touch their lightweight surfaces and feel the natural crackle of premium chocolate.
Embrace the Feeling
Feel joyous in your choice to opt for a locally produced & vegan product.

Your task is to savor the chocolate. Before you begin you should follow these steps:

  1. Clear your palette with a glass of room temperature water
  2. Follow with a bite of neutral-tasting bread or a soda cracker
  3. Complete with another swish of water. Now, you’re ready!

We want to foster a deep sense of interconnectedness to elevate purposeful living; once you compare notes with friends or family, do share them with us by using #TGCTastingExperience on Insta-stories.

We look forward to reading the answers you have in store for us.

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