The Language of Colour

The Language of Colour

Much like artists and designers, we believe in crafting products that transcend mere wants, instead, we create items that are needed in the life of you, our conscious consumer. Shedding light on this process, today we delve into the artistry behind our coveted vegan Chocolate Bars.


Natural sugar is an important part of the human diet. In fact, naturally occurring sugars such as the ones found in fruits are often intertwined with fibre and protein (also found in fruit) both of which are recommended components for a healthy diet. Added sugars, on the other hand, are the kind most often found in commercial products; these sugars have none of the healthy components of naturally occurring sugars and have often been linked to a plethora of diseases from diabetes to obesity. Which is why when we set about creating the TGC Chocolatier, crafting products that possessed Goodness for both the consumer and the environment where our key focus.


The Purity of Flavour

To emphasize the purity of our chocolate we searched far and wide for the most natural ingredients that would deliver astounding flavour. We wanted to create Vegan Chocolate that wasn’t just healthy but supreme in taste. Today, our flavour range includes Salted Almond, Espresso, Classic and Lavender, each embedded with its own unique ability to alleviate your mood.


The Power of Ingredients

When you turn over our bars each of them has simple and natural ingredients. The power of our hand-picked ingredients is their ability to alleviate your mood. Our all-natural Vegan Chocolates have the following capabilities:

Salted Almond
Known as The Chocolate Bar with Energy, the natural powers of almonds are harnessed in this delicious blend of premium chocolate to put an invigorated pep in your step.
Classic Bar
Known as The Chocolate Bar with Balance, the 50% Cocoa recipe is known to utilize the calming aspects of natural cocoa.
Espresso Bar
Known as The Chocolate Bar with Clarity, this mindfully crafted blend of espresso and cocoa was tailormade to give you a boost.
Lavender Bar

Known as The Chocolate Bar with Focus, we scoured fragrant fields of lilac to formulate a bar that would help extract the flowers naturally ability to aid in focus.

The Language of Colour

For months the TGC team worked tirelessly to explore the wondrous meaning behind colours. We sifted through a kaleidoscopic haze of swatches and charts all to bring you the signature shades that we have today. Each bears a singular and powerful meaning that adds to the overall artistry of our Vegan Bars.

Yellow: Known to be joyful, energetic and triumphant.

Blue: Known to be tranquil, equalizing and calming.

Pink: Known to be cheerful and clarifying.

Lavender: Known to exude Zen and focus.

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