The Act of Goodness

The Act of Goodness

Here at The Goodness Company, we’re constantly looking at new ways to promote our message of purposeful living. Which is why when Indigo Living, Dubai approached us to be a part of their unique in-store event, we welcomed the opportunity to create a new experience.

Entitled #TheActofGoodness our team custom-designed an elegant post box and stationery to encourage people to connect with long lost friends and loved ones. Guests who visited the space could pick from five unique postcards each displaying positive affirmations such as ‘Never Underestimate the Power of You' to ‘One Good decision can Change the World’ and then write to a person of their choosing. We took care of the rest.

We believe that conscious choices influence the positive trajectory of our lives which is why our products range from vegan chocolates that are free of palm oil, to plastic-free alternatives to sustainable copper utensils.

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