Enriched Lifestyle with Mindfulness

Enriched Lifestyle with Mindfulness

There is so much of hurry and speed in our lives today, it is difficult to have clarity. Clarity in thought, in intention and in action. We continue to do our daily tasks and routine without having to consider what we are doing and how does it impact us and the environment around us. When we are not mindful about what we are doing and how we feel, we are restless and unsatisfied because we are not really being present in what is happening in our lives right NOW.


We continue doing things as a reflex, a habit or in a routine. We are rushing past our surroundings often missing and ignoring the finer details and simple moments. We need to pause and take a moment, stop the constantly churning thoughts in our brain and observe the reality around us. Feel the sun and the wind, the noises of cars in traffic, the constant banter of the neighbors, the footsteps of the stairs and even the noises of the office printer. Take in each thing around you, feel the moment and live the moment.


Being mindful is being aware, aware of everything that is going on within and without. It’s about the complete acceptance of the present moment as it is, without trying to resist or control it. We actually take the time to reflect about ourselves and the things around us and we feel the energy of life that we are a part of.


The result of mindful thinking is conscious living. As we become more observant of the world around us, we also become more sensitive to what is going on in it. We make more conscious decisions, whether they are about the food we eat, the environment we live in or the way we interact with people around us. We are constantly mindful of our intentions which in turn reflects in our actions.


Our life is no longer a series of meaningless habits and routines rather a more purposeful and enriched existence which is driven by consideration, kindness, and thoughtfulness not only to others but to our own selves.

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