Barry's Bootcamp x The Goodness Company

Barry's Bootcamp x The Goodness Company

It is extraordinary to think about how far the fitness workout that is Barry’s Bootcamp has come. Its founder; Barry Jay, who first innovated HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) in a group setting in the Nineties used his exhilarating technique made of one part strength and one part cardio exercises to grow what is now unequivocally recognized as the Vogue of fitness; Barry’s Bootcamp.


After having opened its doors in the height of fashion frenzied obsession with neon leg warmers when fitness icons such as Jane Fonda, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Suzanne Somers ruled the masses, Barry’s Bootcamp started to gain traction in a following that ranged from teenagers and adults to anyone who sought a transformative workout experience. Now with worldwide expansion, more celebrity clientele and over 100k members that partake in their weekly classes, Barry’s is a fitness nirvana that continues to celebrate authenticity, individualism and conscious living.



This is why we reveled in the opportunity to partake in Barry’s Live Dj Class with Tala Samman; our regional fashion enthusiast turned DJ. As part of this invigorating collaboration, TGC provided our Superbites as a pre/post-workout snack for the day.


Barry’s Bootcamp is often referred to as ‘The Best Workout in The World’ and combined with SuperbitesThe Cleanest Snack Ever made for one adrenaline-pumping workout that proved, it still is.

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