4 Women Championing Sustainability

4 Women Championing Sustainability

It’s fair to say that sustainability has been a key topic of discussion both on and off the runway. But the art of living a truly conscious lifestyle is a commitment that more are steadily investing in. Today, we take a look at four fashionable women, championing change for a better tomorrow. 

Clare Press - Author & Fashion Journalist
A presenter of the Wardrobe Crisis podcast and named the first-ever Sustainability Editor for Vogue in 2018, Clare Press continues to educate and inspire in what is recognized as an industry that continuously contributes to the degradation of our environment. Now a recognized author; her second book published in 2016 ‘Wardrobe Crisis; How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion’ was acclaimed for its insight into the evolution of the fashion industry from small-time designers to money-hungry conglomerates.
Amber Boyers - Founder of BAIIA & The Conscious Cut

In an ingenious business move, Amber Boyers (Australian fashion enthusiast and blogger) decided to create a swimwear brand that combined her two favorite things; fashion and sustainability. Through her visuals we are educated on the often-overlooked art of repurposing clothing and in turn negating the overall contribution made to fast fashion. Amber’s brand ‘BAIIA, also looks to empower women through design that is timeless, versatile and multipurpose. While the name itself (our personal favorite) translates to ‘one who has the capacity to change the world for the better.

Louise - Aliaslouise.com

Parisian blogger Louis Decamp is a role model for eco-conscious shoppers everywhere. Through simple yet elegant imagery Louise Decamp showcases how smart choices can have a significant impact on our planet. Her website covers a broad range of subject matter that fit perfectly under the Sustainability umbrella. From clean beauty products to eco-travel, vegan diets and new-age fashion brands which are eco-friendly, you’ll develop a Louise-addiction.

Kira Simpson - Founder of The Green Hub
A blogger whose activism and pursuit of clean living started a journey of meaningful change; Kira is the Founder of The Green Hub.com a site that connects the smart shoppers of today with all things eco-conscious under one platform. Categories such as Responsible Fashion, Beauty & Wellness and Sustainable Living offer readers the chance to make conscious choices and much like us at TGC, Kira shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.
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