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Copper Collective

Crafted with Purpose and Clarity

Our range of hand-beaten and pure copper products is mindfully fabricated by skilled, local artisans. Each unique piece beholds a tale of individual effort, focus, and skill presented upon it by craftsmen belonging to small, regional communities. Rediscover the natural wisdom of your roots.

Lean Copper Bottle

Wonderfully smooth to touch; nothing compares to the texture and feel of our pure copper water bottle. The flavour of a mineral-infused beverage means you will never sip on anything but perfection.

Pure Copper Tumblers

What is a pitcher without a set of beautifully crafted copper tumblers, designed to be the perfect accompaniments? Let the nutritious essence of copper permeate every sip, with our array of hand beaten, 100% pure copper beverage glasses.

Beaten Copper Cutlery Set

Add an extra dimension of conscious living to the enjoyment of your daily meals, with our copper and stainless steel-blend cutlery set. This beautiful set of knives, forks and spoons is a shining example of the most exemplary, authentic local craftsmanship.

Copper Wire Round Basket

Gracefully fabricated from pure copper-wire mesh, this finely-molded copper basket will slot itself neatly inside any cabinet whilst looking elegant and refined if kept on display.

Beaten Copper Bottle

Give your health a mineral boost with every sip of water from our hand-crafted, 900ml, pure-beaten copper water bottle and relish the flavour of nature-friendly goodness.

Copper Fruit Bowl

Intricately fabricated from hand-woven threads of pure copper, it represents the perfect receptacle for your fresh produce. Embodying the exceptional skills of the artisan community, our copper-wire fruit bowl is the ultimate testament to quality.

Rectangular Wire Basket

Slim and elegant, this delicately woven, pure copper basket is the ideal receptacle for a wide array of kitchen goods. An exceptional display of the finest local craftsmanship, this conscious product is the perfect addition to your household.

Traditional Copper Jug

Designed to be the ideal vessel to serve water, our traditional copper jug is the physical representation of modern scientific research and the timeless wisdom of nature. Enriching its contents with the mineral goodness of copper, this jug serves a purpose beyond just storage.