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Conscious Ware

The Art of Honest Living

Conscious of the immense power to create change within every mindful individual, our Conscious Ware range enables you to take a stand against plastic. Solely comprising authentic and natural materials, every product is designed by local craftsmen as we maintain our promise of authenticity.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Our unique range of toothbrushes is entirely constructed from bamboo, with natural bristles made from nylon and plant-derived ingredients. These solicitously curated, sustainable bamboo toothbrushes make concious living an essential part of your daily routine.

Glass Straws

Our translucent array of glass straws adds a new sensorial dimension to the way you consume your favourite beverages. With these expertly curated, reusable and dishwasher-safe creations, an environmentally conscious lifestyle has never been so easily attainable.

Steel Straws

Precisely fabricated from the highest quality of food-grade steel, these straws are ready to become allies of your kitchen essentials. Durable, reusable and completely plastic-free, they’re meant to refine your beverage-drinking experience.