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Exquisite Flavours

Much like the handpicked instrumentalists in an orchestra or the well-placed chapters of a best-selling novel, the right combination of flavours creates an unparalleled experience in taste. Today on The Goodness Journal TGC explores the decadent and exquisite flavour’s behind The Arabian Collection.


Rose Crème rich with Bulgarian rose oil this unique blend is a regional favourite.

Pistachio & Saffron that is painstakingly blended with decadent chocolate, brings life to this classic Middle Eastern spice.

Pistachio Crème crushed, quartered and amplified by exquisite folds of our unique Swiss chocolate recipe.

Hazelnut that is rich with delightful crackle and freshness is combined with a smooth cocoa.

Almond is the perfect companion to a post-dinner espresso. This flavoursome blend reimagines a classic flavour with unmatched newness.

Khaleeji Qahwa combines robust Arabian coffee with exquisite cocoa to create a fragrantly delicious chocolate.