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The Goodness Company
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We bear a social responsibility to preserve the quality of
our world. Say no to plastic with our range of elegantly designed conscious alternatives.


Mindfully conserving and protecting the natural environment our line of Conscious Ware proposes a simple approach to modern living by utilising sustainable materials and state-of-the-art design to end the global dependency on plastic.

Expertly designed in Germany these sustainable products are thoughtfully crafted to complement the lifestyle of the eco-savvy consumer. Developed in an unorthodox range of materials from steel and glass to natural bamboo, each item suggests a plethora of alternative choices that we believe will slowly but surely eradicate environmental pollution.


A step towards healing the environment comes in the form of our expertly designed plastic alternatives. Crafted with contemporary design principles and functionality in mind.


Eliminating the need for disposable plastics, our all-natural bamboo toothbrushes are intricately crafted, and display bristles made in BPA-free nylon and plant-derived ingredients.